Lawn Service Olive Branch MS

Lawn Jox of Olive Branch, MS has been providing superior lawn service in the Mid-South for almost 20 years. Your Lawn Team of friendly professionals will always bring the exact equipment necessary for your individual lawn cutting needs. 

Lawn Jox of Olive Branch, MS will trim and mow in those hard to reach areas including:
     • Around trees
     • Fences
     • Garden beds
     • Next to your house

Our experts will edge around your sidewalks and driveways and make sure all your hard surfaces like concrete and patios are free of clippings before they leave.

Lawn Service for Your needs and Budget
At Lawn Jox of Olive Branch, MS, we know that every lawn has individual cutting requirements. That’s why we offer three different mowing frequencies to choose from:
     • Weekly-Very few clippings are left behind if at all.
     • Every two weeks- Budget service with clippings left behind
     • Every ten days- A combination of our weekly and bi-weekly schedule

Our powerful scheduling software provides our crews with instructions unique to your property. We can also change your mowing frequency if you feel we aren’t cutting at the proper times. At Lawn Jox of Olive Branch, MS, we’re dedicated to the complete satisfaction of all our customers. 

The proper equipment makes all the difference in creating that perfect just-cut look that is so pleasing about a freshly mowed lawn. We own and operate a variety of mowers to suit the individual mowing needs of our loyal customers.
     • Bobcat
     • Toro
     • John Deere
     • Red Max 

Leaf Removal
We all love the beautiful fall colors of red and gold leaves, except when they leave your trees and hit the ground. Let the lawn service professionals at Lawn Jox of Olive Branch, MS clear your yard of fallen leaves before they start to rot and create an eyesore. 

Blow Away, Bag, or Make Mulch
Depending on your budget, or how many leaves you have, Lawn Jox of Olive Branch, MS will blow the leaves from your yard, OR bag and remove the leaves completely from your property. 

We'll also be happy to create a mulch for you by chopping the leaves up into a fine dust and sprinkling onto your garden.

Plug Core Aeration
While proper mowing is key to a thick and lush yard, plug core aeration is essential to promote healthy grass. Aerating loosens up the soil to improve water retention. The professionals at Lawn Jox of Olive Branch, MS will determine the optimal time for aeration if we feel your grass could improve from this lawn service.

Call the professionals Lawn Jox in Olive, MS or visit our website for an instant lawn service estimate for lawn mowing, leaf removal or plug core aeration. We are pleased to serve our residential neighbors in the beautiful Mid-South including:
     • Cordova
     • Memphis
     • Collierville
     • Southaven