Lawn Maintenance Olive Branch MS

Flourishing flowers and gorgeous greenery are an important part of a beautiful, eye-catching yard that makes you proud. That’s why Lawn Jox in Olive Branch, MS is pleased to offer professional lawn maintenance services for your flowers, shrubs, and more.
Many of our residential customers in the Mid-South don’t have the time to keep up with their landscaping. The experts at Lawn Jox in Olive Branch, MS will create an individual lawn maintenance plan to create and maintain your beautiful flowers and plants. 

Let Your Lawn Team at Lawn Jox in Olive Branch, MS provide the additional lawn maintenance your flowerbeds and plants require in maintaining their health and beauty. Our professional crew are experts in:
     • Clearing out flowerbeds
     • Planting flowers and plants
     • Mulching your flowerbeds
     • Proper plant trimming

Cleaning Out Beds
First, we’ll clean out your beds by clearing away any weeds or debris and then we can access what type of fertilizer and weed control your flowers and plants might require. 

The green thumbs on our staff have the know-how and expertise to properly plant and maintain flowers and plants in your existing beds, or we'll build new flowerbeds too. 

Mulch helps retain soil moisture which is good for the health of your plants. Adding a layer of mulch to your flowerbeds also improves the appearance of your beds and suppresses weed growth. 

Different plants require different trimming and pruning techniques to keep them healthy. Our dedicated gardening crew has the knowledge and the right tools to take care of your landscape maintenance needs.

Your Lawn Team at Lawn Jox in Olive Branch, MS has created an all-season, four-part application program for your flowerbeds and shrubs that will prevent diseases and control insects year-round.
     Round 1 / Spring – We’ll apply a pre-emergent product for weed control, early season fertilizer, spot treat visible weeds, and spray a broad-spectrum                    insecticide.
     Round 2 / Summer – Our experts apply some pre-emergent and post-emergent products for weed control, summer fertilizer, and spray a broad-spectrum              insecticide.
     Round 3 / Fall – This application consists of a pre-emergent product for weed control, early season fertilizer, spot treatment for visible weeds and we’ll spray a      broad-spectrum insecticide.
     Round 4 / Winter – We will apply a winter oil product to control exoskeleton insects.

Lawn Jox in Olive Branch, MS
For almost 20 years Lawn Jox in Olive, MS has been family owned and operated and is pleased to offer our superior lawn service for our residential neighbors in:
• Cordova
• Memphis
• Collierville
• Southaven

Our staff is skilled and knowledgeable about the land and terrain in the Mid-South area and will be happy to provide you with an instant lawn maintenance estimate for the upkeep of your flowerbeds and shrubs. Call today or visit our website for more details.